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It looks real by pandoragirl It looks real :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 0
Cold Feet
I remember one day in late August or early September,
We woke up before the sun, and crept around the streets
until the bright sun matched the volume of our voices.
The boat was smallish and I wondered about sharks.
I tried to hold your hand.
Or sit so our legs touched,
but you didn't allow this.
The salt collected on my lips and face,
while I tried to not think about how tiny we were in our boat,
in the middle of this big ocean; how deep down the dark water went,
and all the things that lived in it.
The islands emerged as quickly as the mainland disappeared from view.
The water was warm and blue (I'd never seen blue ocean before).
We waded through it,
while it lapped at our hips,
then shoulders,
and even our chins,
as we approached a cave.
I just prayed to not feel something graze my legs.
I was so scared.
I'm kind of ashamed of how scared I get sometimes.
My sandals broke within the first 10 minutes of island exploration,
And I left them by the shore.
I spent the whole glorious day
:iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 2 4
this is
what everyone was talking about
right here
in my doorway
and youre smiling
            -like its your birthday
And im smiling
            -like its mine
suns bright behind your head
as if gods given you a halo
           -sent me an angel
whose kisses are
the only heaven ive ever found
this is
what all poets wrote about
right here
holding on to you
knowing weve got other places to be
          -but not wanting to go there
five hundred and ten goodbyes
spoken in 10 minutes
           -when you should have been gone in two
this is
what weve always heard about
           -but didnt quite believe in
standing here
on the curb by your car
and not letting go
or wanting to
           -smiling anyway
following you with my eyes
and your car over my shoulder
you waiting for me to get in safely
and then me yelling to you
this is
what ive always wanted
my voice
-your name
                      -filling up my street
as I yell for everyone to hea
:iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 15 21
Yours was the first face ... by pandoragirl Yours was the first face ... :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 9 I really think you'll like me by pandoragirl I really think you'll like me :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 1 0 Luxe by pandoragirl Luxe :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 6 Harrow 3 by pandoragirl Harrow 3 :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 3 Harrow 2 by pandoragirl Harrow 2 :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 0 Harrow by pandoragirl Harrow :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 3 2
Barischnikovs broken legs
I want to be a ballerina and stretch pretty legs above a pretty head until you'd think they'd snap. Break. But then defying. With elasticity unthinkable. With grace unimaginable. With toes pointed pink. Yes, to be that light on my feet. Maybe. But I am no ballerina, no dancer am I. Awkward on these clumsy stilts, I wish I could trade them in. And no, I don't know where these bruises came from. They just sort of appeared. No one's hitting me. I went for a walk the other day, overly aware of how lonely my strides were, and the insecure wobble of my legs. Seems like I'm always shaking these days. Not like that. Like this. Like a tightrope walker over a pit of hungry lions. Don't. look. Down.
:iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 8
if ee cummings can, so can i
you said my hair smelled of fruit i look like a pear you taste like a peach
you said my hair smelled of fruit.
i look like a pear
and you taste like a peach
you said my hair smelled
of fruit i look like a pear
you taste like a peach
you said
my hair smelled
of fruit
i look like
a pear
you taste like
a peach
said my
smelled of
fruit i
look like a
you taste
like a
you said my
hair smelled of
fruit i look
like a pear you
taste like a
peach a like taste you pear a like look i fruit of smelled hair my said you
:iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 7
Babe you got me to the core
"On the down side, I'm dyslexic. On the other downside, we're on the wrong one way street anyway."
I tried not to look back at that car wreck on the way over.
The bodies scattered like confetti on the streets.
Blood and alcohol don't mix for me.
I still hold out a little hope for these
senseless and guilt ridden tools that
mother earth has bestowed upon my dizzy head.
I'd slink out when I saw your head was turned,
Pressed against a wall and feeling like a snake.
Knowing you knew.
About me.
That you can count the pace of my heartbeat
and my breath intake per minute
from across the room.
Well you come over looking for me. &Me looking like trouble.
At the sight of you my skin wreaks of disappointment.
Wish I would dissipate.
Vanish in a puff of smoke.
I feel so small under your eyes.
While you were worried waking,
I was having nightmares that chased me into daybreak.
These spinning rooms wont stop.
These rotting floorboards might give way.
I laugh at death, it can't touch me.
:iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 3
True Romance
Your tears are the most honest kind of confessions
My ears have ever heard.
More than the sound of your voice,
I enjoy feeling the reverberating vibrations of
Your vocal cords dancing in your black voice box
And the steady rhythms of your witnessing
Mixed with your deceptive heart beat
Echoing through your back.
Echoing through my torso.
I could never lie into your mouth.
I could never float on my own
Without that defeatist ache in my joints.
I never want to tell another lie.
So kiss me now
And unlock this burning honesty I've got in me.
You thought you might be lost,
I can't help but know
Exactly where I am
When I'm between your sheets.
Know exactly where I'm going
When I'm in your arms.
You smile at me
I know I could never lose my way.
Not in a warm glow like that.
:iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 1
Recipe for implosion
The Eiffel Tower looks so small from your bedroom window,
What with a whole country and an ocean in the middle.
But if we squint, it's clearly there.
I woke to a yellow sky and my throat tickled horridly.
Cold sweat, and trigger shivers,
Kept me clinging to a damp blanket and a muddled thought process.
What you need to understand is, I love you so much,
If it meant killing you to save you, you would be saved.
We are built up with hope, and wobble on our own shaky intentions.
But we hide this easily behind a .8 Richter scale reading.
Living on faults. Living in fault. We were bound to shake sometime…
:iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 3
obscured details by pandoragirl obscured details :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 2 not at all by pandoragirl not at all :iconpandoragirl:pandoragirl 0 3

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Berkeley Deitch
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Ventura
Favourite genre of music: Angry Chick Rock, accustic alt country
Favourite photographer: ha as of today, DA's Jazer is rocking my socks
Skin of choice: yours
Favourite cartoon character: Brian and Stewie of Family Guy
Personal Quote: Lex Luthor would have defeated Superman years ago if he had been a woman.
I will be roughing it in the wilderness of Utah...and yes its snowing. For the next 6 days. im going to sleep on the ground outside. im going to make my food and not bathe. i have potty on the ground. ... no, i didnt choose this.

but if you're wondering where i am, its there.



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